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Benefits of Using NDS’ INVISION Payroll Fringes Feature

By Mike Burns, NDS Account Executive

When time equates to money, we are always looking for ways to save time. Have you heard about how our INVISION Payroll Fringe and Vendor Invoicing routines can save you time? Using these payroll features allows you to process your payroll more quickly and efficiently.

What are Payroll Fringes?

A fringe benefit covers the employer\’s contribution for a benefit.  In contrast, the employee\’s portion is covered by a deduction.  For example, if you have a benefit where the employee and employer split the cost, you must set up a deduction for the employee share and link it to a fringe for the employer share.

The NDS Payroll Fringe benefit routines provides the means to automatically calculate the employer’s share of a deduction or payroll tax. In addition, Vendor Invoicing is another Payroll feature that will automatically process invoices and make payments for payroll deductions and fringe benefits. (link to Tech Tip: Vendor Invoicing)

How does the NDS Payroll Fringe feature work?

\"FringeTo start, you can set employee fringe records to automatically calculate the fringe amounts. The fringe benefit is always assigned to a deduction. The Payroll Post routine uses the deduction code to link to the fringe master and then, automatically calculates the fringe distribution amounts. The Fringe Distribution Post routine generates invoice transactions into the Vendor Invoices and Checks module for payment processing.

NDS customers that use the Payroll Fringe module say that it works very well. This feature saves them a significant amount of time and effort in their day-to-day payroll workload. It’s one of the things they can set and forget in their job.

If you are interested in receiving training on how to make the Payroll Fringe or Vendor Invoicing features work for you, please contact Mike Burns at 1-800-649-7754 or at

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