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Dashboards Allow Credit Unions to Put Their Finger on the Pulse of Their Institution

By Kyle Hardy, NDS Account Executive

Sharetec System, Core Technology Made Simple, has recently developed tools that provide meaningful data reporting through visual means.  These visual adaptations or Dashboards give credit union management a tool that delivers a clear picture of their data that is easy to access and analyze.

Data from dashboards make up a major part of everyday life.  Dashboards, originally developed to give us instantaneous information about our car can now be found on our phones, our desktop computers and a variety of other appliances. These information hubs provide critical data about our lives, from giving a glimpse of our daily financial situation, cueing us in on the weather or listing out our appointments for the day.  In the credit union world, associates and management alike can use dashboards to get a feel for the pulse of their credit union.

To deliver a visual dashboard, Sharetec uses third party products such as Tableau, a Seattle, Washington-based company that develops interactive data visualization products focused on BI (business intelligence).  By connecting Sharetec’s core processing solution directly to these third party products, the credit union is able to sift through copious amounts of member data in order to gain a better understanding of how their institution is progressing.  The number of models that can be generated is endless, limited only by knowing what questions need to be answered.  Through this integration, associates can model data based on specific criteria that’s updated in real time. These models can be arranged and saved as a dashboard that can be revisited and refreshed on a regular basis.

Sharetec credit unions now have the ability to see data in a much more complete picture.  When a graph/picture is first displayed, one can see the big picture.  To further comb through the data, one has only to click on the graph to drill down and get to the detail behind the big picture.

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