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NDS’ Off-Site Backups Defend Against Ransomware

By Leo Marquis, VP of Field Engineering

This year alone the cost of Ransomware, a type of malware used by cybercriminals to launch data kidnapping and lock screen attacks is predicted to reach $5 billion. Did you know that Northern Data Systems offers a way to successfully escape the ransomware trap? Using NDS’ Enterprise Backup Management service (EBM) provides your organization with one of the easiest and most efficient insurances against this type of malware. Because NDS’ EBM is not tied to your network and is independent from your system, it can’t be snared by ransomware. In the unfortunate event that your system is caught, NDS can restore your data from the last scheduled backup and you will quickly be back to normal operations! All, without the pain of having paid a ransom!

How EBM Works

\"\"Northern Data Systems’ EBM service is an off-site backup service offering reliable enterprise-class data protection. Your data is encrypted and transmitted nightly over a secure connection via the Internet to backup servers at our facility. The data is then replicated twice, once locally as well as to a remote location in Wisconsin. Status reports are emailed to the responsible parties daily. In the event that you need to recover data, our team of professionals can quickly restore your data back to your system in a timely and secure fashion. Distance permitting we can even move your data to the appropriate media and bring it to your site to reduce downtime.

Enlist NDS to manage this process and you can be confident your data will be stored safely and securely at our state-of-the-art data center. To sign up for EBM, please contact your sales representative at They are happy to help!


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