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You have worked hard to develop your organization’s image.  Color, logos, artwork and presentation, it’s all part of what you are in your customers’ eyes.  Let’s face it, whether it’s print or electronic documents for many of your customers, it may be the only consistent contact they have with your organization.  If your forms are not printed correctly or are hard to read and understand, you can quickly compromise the confidence you have worked so hard to foster with your customers.

At NDS, we understand your relationship with your customers and have always recognized that excellent customer service, coupled with single source responsibility for all aspects of your software system, are the key ingredients to being successful.

There’s no question that there are many “forms companies” doing business today.  However, there are few forms companies who are also in the software systems business.  That’s why NDS offers a full array of print services from forms, design, print & mail rendering services to integrated marketing, billing automation and electronic bill presentment and payment services.    Contact Us

Print & Mail Rendering

With our state-of-the-art printing technology and mail fulfillment services that include high volume stuffing and folding equipment, Northern Data Systems (NDS) can provide high quality laser forms directly from customer data and prepare them for mailing at a significantly lower cost than if your organization does the work themselves.  NDS adheres to U.S. Post Office bar-coding and sorting so that we achieve most favorable postal rates, which in turn makes your costs less.  And, our turnaround time is two days – providing the quickest way for customers, members, patients, or taxpayers to receive their statements or bills.  When the printing is done your pieces hit the mail!

On Demand
NDS is ready to assist your organization on short notice with our Print & Mail Rendering Services to handle your printed products needs.  NDS can accommodate large utilities, credit unions, healthcare organizations, and municipalities, as well as smaller organizations.  NDS has the right resources to deliver a quality job for you when you need it.  That’s why it makes business sense to partner with NDS to distribute your print products on demand when you need them.

NDS’ Print & Mail Rendering solutions will help you reduce the amount of waste you create with our efficient, state of the art equipment and management principles designed to eliminate excess waste and reduce your carbon footprint.  With clever planning, best manufacturing practices, and advanced printing technology, NDS can help you save money and the environment.

Billing Automation
Using NDS’ Billing automation means getting statements, bills or other critical documents to your customers in the way they want to receive them:  by mail or email.   NDS electronic bills include all of the same critical information as before and can be sent in black and white, highlight color or full color.  What’s most important about the NDS billing automation is our security, which ensures that your data is completely safe from start to finish.  Electronic billing reduces the process and cost of creating and sending statements manually.  You will also be contributing to the environment by reducing the amount of paper, energy usage and delivery costs.

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Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Northern Data Systems provides simple and secure electronic bill presentment and payment solutions (EBPP) that allow users to view and pay bills online using the Internet, mobile devices, or over the phone.  NDS’ EBPP is robust, offering convenient email reminders and text messages, a self-service paper suppression program, and automated posting to billing software.  Using EBPP can help your organization reduce costs, accelerate payments and help the environment.
EBPP is the most effective way of presenting your customers with invoices and statements, while providing a convenient way for them to pay and track their bills.  No worries about using credit cards, debit cards or checking accounts.  Your customers can pay in the way that works for them – either one time or recurring.  EBPP offers reliable and convenient payment options.  Users can always pay bills on time with scheduled payments, auto-payments and bill notifications.

Secure Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment Processing

• Enables bills to be created, delivered and paid over the Internet in a secure way.
• Increases your cash flow as customers get their bills faster and as a result you get paid faster.
• Reduces your customer service expenses and operating costs by empowering your customers to get the information they need right at their fingertips, 24/7.
• Maintains the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of your current invoice, statements and memos whether it’s hard copy or electronic.
• Offers flexible payment methods for customers.

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Forms & Design

Northern Data Systems offers a wide array of forms and print products ranging from statements, bills, business cards, and postcards to newsletters, marketing inserts, mailers and everything in between.  If you can dream it, we can create it!

NDS forms are designed to fit your unique situation.  As part of your service, Northern Data Systems will help you achieve easy to read forms with our design solutions.  We can personalize your forms and print products with your logo and a custom design, which can enhance your brand recognition and tie the paper trail to your organization.  We’ll work with you to ensure the design works to its fullest allowing information to be easily understood as well as easy to find.  NDS utilizes cutting edge technology for designing forms, which allows NDS to design and produce a form proof in the same day.

NDS can include a promotional section  integrated into your form that can be changed out each week, month or quarter to help you cross sell services or spotlight campaigns, programs or announcements for your customers.

Integrated Marketing

Insert Marketing, Mailers, Newsletters
Do you need to send correspondence to your customers, members, patients or tax payers and simply do not have the time or resources to produce a professional mailing at a reasonable cost?  Save time and reduce your workload by letting Northern Data Systems produce your mailing for you!  The NDS Forms team can produce any type of marketing insert, mailers, postcards, letters or newsletters in black and white or full color on any type of paper stock at a low per piece cost.

From design to print, the NDS Forms Department will work with you to develop an effective campaign.  We offer experienced graphic designers to help turn your thoughts on paper into a format that effectively delivers your message, with or without graphics.  Our state-of-the-art printing technology and CASS certification capabilities, assures that the final product meets and exceeds your expectations on quality and professional appearance.

Including NDS generated marketing inserts with your statements, bills, or invoices are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to communicate with your audience.  Whether you want a full page insert or only 3.5” x 8.5” size insert, a well-designed and properly formatted insert can provide a meaningful impact to the recipient.

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