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One Phone Call When You Need Help with Technology Services

Northern Data Systems’ Service Department with its fully staffed field engineering team provides for all your technology services needs.  NDS IT offerings include Managed Services, Firewall services, system monitoring and patch management, security information and event management (SIEM) monitoring and logging.  In addition, NDS’ single source solution covers the entire spectrum of your information system, from procurement, installation, maintaining and repairing firewalls, servers, workstations, thin clients, printers, local and remote connectivity, switches and routers.  NDS always stands ready for the entire life of your system with IT support that you can count on!

Managed Services

Managing your business efficiently and providing great customer service are the keys to a successful business.  Managed Services allows you to focus on your business goals with peace of mind knowing that your IT is reliable and safe.

With Northern Data Systems’ Managed Services solution you can enjoy access to an experienced IT staff with the expertise to deliver efficient and thorough implementation and support for all of your infrastructure needs.   Through NDS Managed Services monitoring to ensure that your system is kept current with all Microsoft patches and anti-virus updates, you can focus on what matters – your business.

Managed Services allows Northern Data Systems to support your network at a fraction of what it would cost to employ full-time staff to perform the same duties.  view brochure

System & Network Integration

Northern Data Systems can design, implement and support a secure integrated office solution for your business. We can support an existing IT infrastructure as well.  We’ll make sure that your network resources integrate seamlessly with your software for an IT solution that performs reliably and efficiently.

Our field engineers have certifications with Microsoft, SonicWALL and CISCO, and have expertise with:
• Windows Domain (Active Directory)
• Simple Workgroups
• Security Engineering
• Networking Infrastructure
• PCs, Thin Clients
• Secure Remote Connectivity (SSL VPNs, IPSec, etc.)
• Microsoft Windows Products
• Linux Solutions
• System Virtualization & Migration

Security & Firewall Services

Northern Data Systems recognizes that providing IT security requires a multi-faceted approach. We strive to instill a culture of awareness and participation across your organization.  A big factor in achieving security requires a thoughtful and concerted effort by all members of your organization, dedication to proper education and training of all personnel.

NDS’ solutions mitigate risk and reduce complexity by integrating state-of-the-art technology from the foundation of your enterprise spanning through to the firewall.  By implementing strong endpoint management through a policy-based approach as well as applying a comprehensive suite of gateway security products for anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, and content filtering, NDS will provide umbrella protection.

As proof of compliance for auditors and/or government agencies, NDS can provide forensic details on network activities utilizing patch management and network monitoring, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products, as well as firewall monitoring and reporting software.

Hardware Maintenance Plans

Northern Data Systems’ Service Department offers on-site maintenance, also known as Break & Fix Maintenance.  Our fully staffed field engineering team can maintain and repair firewalls, servers, workstations, thin clients, printers, switches and routers.

Full Service Plan:
• Four hour response time for mission critical systems.
• All parts, labor and travel time required to repair and restore equipment to full functionality.
• Flexible Budget payment plan.

Time and Materials Plan:
• Northern Data Systems is contracted to work on an as needed basis for an established hourly rate.
• Parts are not covered.

Enterprise Backup Management (EBM) & Disaster Recovery

Despite the best intentions and pro-active measures to enhance data security and follow backup procedures, your system is always vulnerable to loss of data.  There are many risks to your data including man-made or unintentional acts of God.  Whether or not the loss of data has devastating consequences for your system may depend on the effectiveness of your backup and recovery process.  Implementing Northern Data Systems’ Enterprise Backup Management guarantees that your data is always safe and can always be recovered when you need it most.

The Enterprise Backup Management System from NDS covers all four backup and recovery steps and combines them into one easy to use service.  Your encrypted data is backed up without human intervention and replicated automatically via the Internet to NDS’ Enterprise Backup Servers in our state-of-the-art data center.  These backups are then archived to our off-site co-location facility.  In the event that you need to recover data our team of support professionals can quickly locate your current data and restore it to your system in a secure fashion.  view brochure


Hardware & OS

Northern Data Systems (NDS) offers a select set of systems products, specifically chosen for and certified for use with the NDS software applications.  NDS stays current on the best products to assure integration and to maximize performance and system uptime.

NDS is a certified partner with Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, SonicWALL, Trend Micro and BackupAssist.

• Dell/SonicWALL Firewall
• Hewlett Packard Reseller
• Intel Servers and Client Workstations
• Notebooks, Tablets
• Thin Client technology
• Printers
• Whole Office Scanning Solutions
• Networking Devices
• RDX & LTO Backup Devices

Operating Systems
• Microsoft Windows 2008 & 2012 R2 Servers
• Windows 7, 8.1, 10 workstations
• Linux Red Hat & Cent OS

Legacy Software / Hardware
• Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) UNIX
• Okidata, Genicom, Texas Instruments, Printronix, printers, Dot Matrix

Cloud Solutions
• NDS offers cloud solutions.

Cloud Solutions

With our cloud-based solutions your software and data storage is hosted on our Microsoft server technologies, which offer a state of the art controlled environment. This eliminates your need for your own server, helps reduce IT staff costs and frees up time from daily data backups.  Your software will have full functionality and run like the servers are located at your office.

NDS maintains the back-end technology including data disaster recovery and managed redundant data backups, processing power, as well as integrated and scheduled software upgrades to minimize office downtime.  All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a workstation.

NDS Cloud Solutions are delivered with fixed costs.  Essentially you are subscribing to the service and paying a set bill each month, making it a cost-effective and affordable IT solution that doesn’t strain your organization’s budget.

• No in-office server required; continue to use in-office PCs, workstations, scanners and printers
• Eliminates the responsibility for system backups and in-house server maintenance
• Simplifies IT Management
• Simplifies budgeting with fixed costs that are consistent and affordable
• Peace of mind, no longer worrying about system failure and data lost, redundant servers minimize downtime
• Allows organization to concentrate on maximizing their use of software solutions

• Secure data storage – no one outside of your selected users can access your data
• SSL technology
• Unique individual login\password for each user
• Audit trails for log-in, log-out and system access
• System log-off after a pre-set length of inactivity

NDS Professional Services

Do you ever wish you had extra help to accomplish a special or one-time IT project at your office? If you answer yes, then an NDS Professional Services Agreement (PSA) is the solution for you. A PSA consists of a discounted pre-purchased block of professional services time to be used when you need it. You can use the professional services time for anything relating to your system and network systems including hardware services, networking upgrades, printer replacements and training. Think of it as renting a software or hardware expert to do those special jobs that you don’t have staff for, just when you need it.
Our proven ability to respond quickly and manage your resources has resulted in long-term customer relationships spanning four decades.

NDS Professional Services

-Reduces Overall Costs
-Becomes a budgeted, planned expense rather than an unplanned expense
-Flexible, use when you need it
-Multi-purposed, can use for security, networking services, upgrades, consulting and training

Industry leader in IT / security service.