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The MENDS Solution!

By Joe Reis, NDS Healthcare Manager

\"\"Once upon a time there was a PMS (practice management system) called MENDS. MENDS was an acronym for “ME”dical Northern Data Systems (“NDS”). MENDS, a precursor to today’s INSight Practice Management System was a character-based system that was extremely popular throughout the healthcare community with over 6,000 practices utilizing the software nationwide.

MENDS had many parent companies throughout its life, from Cado to Contel to Versyss to PCN to WebMD and finally to a company called Greenway, who supported MENDS in its character form until present day. In the interim, NDS who owned complete rights to MENDS, developed a graphical rendition of MENDS and rebranded it INSight, which continues to be popular today.

Recently, Greenway informed its MENDS users that MENDS would no longer be supported. Due to past history, NDS was in a position to provide a simple, seamless migration path for MENDS users. With a complete conversion of data, including file maintenance and history, moving from MENDS to INSight is a “no brainer” for MENDS users looking for a proven solution.

\"\"Training for INSight is included in the conversion costs and is simple as well as very familiar to end users due to its MENDS roots. With new users from as far away as California, INSight has expanded the NDS footprint once again. MENDS users have embraced the ease of use and the look and feel of INSight and new users will begin coming aboard in December 2018.

If you know of MENDS users looking for an online solution with a detailed yet simple conversion, have them reach out to the NDS healthcare team at 800-649-7754 for an INSight demonstration.

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