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NDS Motor Vehicle Registration Excise Tax Calculator

By Mike Burns, NDS Account Executive

Northern Data Systems (NDS) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Price Digest. The primary goal of the Price Digest partnership is to electronically establish the base value of vehicles in order to accurately calculate excise tax. For vehicles new to your system, the VIN will automatically retrieve the MSRP from Price Digest, as well as load an options screen where the vehicle’s additional features can be selected. The values of the selected features are automatically added to the MSRP to obtain the proper vehicle base price for excise tax calculations. This process is very similar to what you manually do today, using the Automobile Red Book and your calculator.

In addition to the Motor Vehicle changes, NDS is excited to announce that significant improvements have been made to the Pet Licensing program, including integration with the Receipting system (think no more double entry!). For more details on the new Pet Licensing functionality, see our Licensing brochure.

To review questions or for more information about the Motor Vehicle changes, please contact Mike Burns at or at 800-649-7754. He looks forward to showcasing the new module and reviewing with you the minimal impact the new feature will have on your 2018-2019 municipal budget.

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