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NDS Launches Healthcare Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Portal

By Joe Reis, NDS Healthcare Manager

InvoiceCloud and Northern Data Systems (NDS) partnered several years ago, providing a convenient payment portal for utilities and municipal governments. In mid-2016, InvoiceCloud acquired HealthPay24, an internet-based payment portal for healthcare. NDS is pleased to offer the proven benefits of HealthPay24 to our valued INSight Practice Management customers.

The benefits of HealthPay24:

  • Provides an accurate estimate of services and financial obligations.
  • Engages patients as financial partners at every touch point.
  • Promotes payment options and financial programs enabling patients to pay online or setup payment plans.

The Online Payment Center is designed to provide an effective and secure means for patients to make online payments and works in conjunction with the HealthPay24 payment processing system, presenting a self-service patient-centric interface for making payments from their home computer, tablet or mobile device.

The Online Payment Center also:

  • Notifies patients via email when a bill is uploaded.
  • Allows patients to view any and all of their outstanding accounts.
  • Allows patients to decide which accounts they want to pay and how much.
  • Provides options for using credit cards or checking accounts to pay their bill(s).
  • Payments are automatically posted to the proper account.
  • Provides a practice branded site to improve the patient payment experience.
  • Yields faster collection of patient responsible charges, improving cash flow and reducing billing costs.
  • Patient account balances will always be current, accurate and accessible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To learn more about how your practice can increase revenue while significantly reducing bad debt and staff time associated with collections, contact Joe Reis at 800-649-7754 or

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