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2020 NDS User Group Showcased: What’s New in EDIFICE!

Given the challenges of 2020, it’s important to recognize that we all can still do business – if we adapt.  Speaking of adapting, NDS held this year’s edition of the EDIFICE User Group meeting 100% virtually!

As many of you know, the User Group meeting is typically an in-person event held in Maine.  This year, however, adapting to the circumstances allowed NDS to present the meeting on-line.  While we missed the in-person interaction, the remote format allowed for many more clients and users to join.  In fact, more than double the typical number of attendees enrolled!  It was great to have so many clients participate who had never previously been able to attend.  Increased participation offers more opportunities for sharing knowledge, more peer-to-peer collaboration and ultimately leads to more ideas for new features, enhancements and efficiencies in the EDIFICE Utility Billing products.

What’s New!

During this full and informative day, NDS personnel covered many topics highlighting the work that has been accomplished since the 2019 User Group Meeting.  There have been 400+ changes to the EDIFICE Utility Billing software since 2019 – ranging from small typo corrections to major new features that are highlighted below.  Based on user input, these enhancements were designed to increase user efficiency and offer time savings.  Software enhancements were made in strategic places to reduce the number of user clicks and pertinent information was added to inquiry screens for quicker access.  More hyperlinks were added to allow additional information to be viewed with a single click, and badges were added in key places to inform you about the associated number of items.

2020 User Group New Features Highlights

  • Billing Explorer – Manage all types of billing transactions – all from 1 screen!  Edits and entry can do done here, as well as, printing journals, statements and posting.
  • Cash Explorer – Offers the same functionality as the Billing Explorer except for cash type transactions.
  • Refunds View – create and process refunds for customers with credit balances.
  • Email – Send emails from several Enhanced Inquiry views, providing a way for recipients to receive information for payment plans, read history and such.
  • BUSA Build Report Query View – Create your own individualized reports with the powerful query building tool.

Thank you to all the EDIFICE users that took the time to join us for the 2020 NDS User Group Meeting!

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