Northern Data Systems is pleased to announce that WSSC FCU in Laurel, MD, has selected Sharetec as their new core system.

We chose Sharetec because we share a common philosophy on how to build and maintain mutually beneficial long-term relationships. This was evident from our first contact and from the attention given to us during the evaluation process. We are looking forward to the efficiencies we will gain from our conversion and to work with a partner that enables us to grow our credit union for many years to come,” comments Jeffrey Goff, President of 1st WSSC FCU.

Joseph Reis, Regional Director for Sharetec, added, “The team at WSSC FCU really did their due diligence in this process. With 3,125 members, WSSC had the needs of a much larger FI. WSSC wanted a strong core system but their vision called for more than that. Therefore WSSC is also installing Mobile Products, Online Membership Products, Shared Branching and Remote eSignatures.”

Working together, WSSC and Sharetec were able to put together a system that would do everything the members needed at an affordable price point. “With Sharetec’s focus on ROI, we can provide credit unions with advanced tools and also have it make sense financially,” said Reis.

WSSC FCU Founded in 1964, has grown to over 3,100 members with over $24 million in total assets. WSSC FCU serves the employees and retirees for Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and their families. WSSC contractors are also eligible to join.

Sharetec System Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau core solutions, has delivered an ROI, building income streams & lowering operating expenses, to nearly 300 credit unions nationwide with 67% growth since 2000.

Joseph Reis, Regional Director,