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Designed and written using today’s contemporary technology, INVISION provides public sector entities and utilities with a comprehensive software tool.  INVISION emphasizes “ease of use” and is designed to make processes quick and efficient. Architected and built directly by Northern Data Systems, INVISION is a highly integrated yet modular system.  Whether you choose a single module now and add modules later, you have the confidence that the entire system is designed to work together.

The INVISION suite of products meets GASB and GAAP requirements and is designed to handle all aspects of local government financial management including accounting, budgeting and procurement. Available INVISION modules include Payroll, Fund Accounting, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, General Ledger, Tax Assessing and Billing, Appraisal, Human Resources, Fixed Assets, Motor Vehicle Registration, Animal & Game Registration Licensing, Cemetery Management and much more.   Contact Us


INVISION Fund Accounting is a comprehensive multi-fund budgeting and accounting system.  It accommodates Inter-fund accounting with automatic Due To/Due From transfers so payments can be made out of a single General Fund, yet be recorded against the correct specific fund.  Fund Accounting provides quick online access to account information, including the ability to drill down to subsidiary detail.  It also supports unlimited account detail for as many years as are recorded.
Fund Accounting is the heart of a very powerful financial management system and is fully integrated with all other NDS software applications (INVISION and EDIFICE).   Fund Accounting includes Accounts Payable, Budgeting, Check Reconciliation, Positive Pay and an optional Purchase Order module for true Encumbrance Accounting.  Fund Accounting features a powerful Appropriation Inquiry that allows users to search by any type of criteria for expenditures and invoices, as well as purchase orders.  It also features comprehensive reports that provide summary or detail views of accounts.  The positive pay function within the Accounts Payable provides for added check security by minimizing risks associated with forgery.    view brochure

INVISION General Ledger offers all the features that government organizations demand as well as many additional features designed to simplify complicated accounting tasks.  Seamless integration with Payroll, Accounts Payable, Tax Billing, Cash Receipts and other INVISION modules gives full audit control and makes account reconciliation and balancing a snap.  The General Ledger module’s inherent flexibility enables organizations to use existing account structures with little or no changes.
INVISION General Ledger system features unmatched capabilities with respect to comprehensive reporting.  A flexible user-defined account structure allows for unlimited separate funds and associated trial balances.  An intuitive report designer system allows end users to customize fund balance reports or create special general ledger reports.  The system easily accommodates multiple year and multiple fiscal period comparisons without sacrificing flexibility.  Reports can compare a fiscal period to the same period last year, to budget, or to statistical information.  Simply select what you want at the time of reporting.   view brochure

INVISION Budgeting offers a simple, efficient  way to go through your budgeting process.  Easily create working budgets from your existing GL, view summary or detailed account history and add notes about line items or accounts during the process.  With its import/export capability you can export the budget information to Microsoft® Excel for other staff to work on.  All changes can be efficiently imported and automatically update the budget.  Easy!
• Budget masters automatically created from appropriation masters
• Worksheet and final report formats
• Interactive with current year data
• Multi-step budget cycle processing


INVISION Payroll is a highly functional and full-featured “exception” based payroll processing system designed to meet the rigorous demands of the public sector workplace.  Developed to provide the utmost in flexibility, INVISION Payroll easily handles the most complicated tasks.  INVISION Payroll offers complete reporting including all state and federal required reports as well as retirement reporting.  ODBC connectivity is also supported which makes ad hoc reporting easy.  Fully integrated with other INVISION software modules or standalone, Payroll provides your organization with a solid platform to handle all of your payroll needs in the most efficient manner possible.  With INVISION Payroll you can easily customize unlimited deductions and deduction schedules in addition to multi-department gross pay distribution.  Using a highly flexible table driven architecture, Payroll handles all state and federal tax calculations along with state retirement, basic, supplemental and dependent insurances.  Payroll also supports electronic direct deposit, check reconciliation, benefit accrual, fringe benefit tracking, and is integrated with Accounts Payable for withholding check processing and much more.  (see Fund Accounting above)
Payroll has a flexible wage reporting system that tracks calendar, fiscal, and contract wages.   view brochure

INVISION Human Resources is an easy-to-use human resource information module designed to maintain and track Human Resources information including absences, certifications, compensation planning, and much more.  Store unlimited documents, files and images associated with your employees.
INVISION Human Resources tracks:
• Employee Position and Compensation History
• Employee Absence tracking by an unlimited number of reasons, vacation schedules
• Payroll Direct Deposit Information
• Employee Home (multiple) Address Data
• And, much more

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INVISION Assessing allows assessing professionals to maintain and bill complete schedules for land, residential, and commercial assessments.  INVISION Assessing also maintains and bills personal property schedules to organizations within the community.  Value data is automatically received from INVISION Appraisal or from interfaces with many third-party appraisal solutions.  With Assessing, your assessor can access data manipulation tools such as sales ratio and detailed reporting for instant analysis and comparisons.  This information is automatically available to the INVISION Tax Billing and Collection modules. INVISION Assessing can handle property assessments of all sizes and types.
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INVISION Tax Billing can generate a variety of bill types and formats.  Further enhance ease of use by choosing to have NDS laser-generate and mail your bills (link to mail rendering) or, you can choose to use the INVISION online bill presentment and payment services (link to EBPP).  Easy-to-read bill formats reduce confusion from property owners and makes this cost-effective process hassle free.  And, INVISION can streamline your procedures with its ability to export and import payments from mortgage companies directly into INVISION.   view brochure
• Open item reporting              •  Integrated lien and receivables
• Flexible billing cycles             • Supplemental Tax Charge System
• Automatic interest calculation with per diem display
• Automatic Discharge Notices

INVISION Cash/Tax Receipts is designed to deliver flexibility, accuracy and performance when receiving money and payments.  INVISION Cash Receipts allows for online collection of tax payments as well as treasurer type payments.  In addition, it provides an integrated interface into General Ledger, Appropriation, and Revenue type accounts and also supports automated Inter-fund Accounting entries.  Individual cash boxes can be easily reconciled with accurate and fast cash-up procedures.  Corrections can be performed online so that they can be reflected in today’s work.  The module features a powerful calendar view of all cash transactions received by day.  Drill-down support within the calendar view allows the user to trace down a specific transaction or cash amount.   view brochure
• On line receipting
• Reprint capabilities for archived receipts
• Group mortgage payment
• Next-day receipting for easy cash up

INVISION Appraisal has calculated thousands of real estate values on properties of all types and in towns of all sizes.  Appraisal offers an easy way to customize your cost schedules.  The cost schedules and data are maintained through easy-to-use routines that make recalculations of appraisals efficient and automatic.  Individuals can only modify data with proper security clearance keeping your valuable data safe and secure.  Easy to read appraisal summary sheets provide Assessors with a vital tool in reviewing assessments with the public.  Our comprehensive selection of reports provides the necessary tools for comparing as well as defending assessments.  In addition, INVISION Appraisal utilizes an ODBC compliant database that allows the use of many popular third-party reporting tools that can manage “what if” analysis.  ODBC also offers seamless data integration for mail merge notification to citizens and analysis through popular spreadsheet programs.

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NDS Inventory Management System provides your local government with the tools necessary to focus on those areas vital to controlling inventory costs, while maintaining stock availability. With Inventory you will have more control over purchasing decisions that directly affect the capital you have tied up in inventory.

INVISION Fixed Asset Management is designed to maintain and track Fixed Asset information for buildings, equipment, vehicles, office equipment, IT infrastructure and more. Tracked Fixed Asset information includes acquisition data, service data, depreciation data, maintenance and transfer History.  view brochure

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For many cities and towns, the process of registering a motor vehicle is among the most complex and time consuming tasks that is performed on a daily basis.  In addition to extensive state reporting requirements, there are significant amounts of cash that need to be accounted for and, more importantly, controlled.  INVISION Motor Vehicle Registration is engineered to handle these transactions quickly and efficiently and to give you cash control where you need it most, at the point of registration.  Motor Vehicle’s intuitive design simulates a registration form right on the screen and guides the user through all phases of entering registration information.    view brochure

The INVISION Motor Vehicle Registration system removes the guesswork of auditing and cash reconciliation.  Controlling registration inventories, calculating and tracking change that is due and tying out daily cash are just a few of the ways that our audit capabilities prevent the number one fear of every town or city…FRAUD and THEFT!

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INVISION Licensing is designed to handle and meet the requirements of pet and game licensing for your local government organization.  Developed to provide the utmost in flexibility, Licensing easily handles all pet and game registration tasks.  Licensing can track vital dates for rabies shots, registrations, neutering so that you have complete control when you field calls from your animal control officer requesting information on potential strays.
For game registrations you can maintain resident or non-resident information about whom the license has been issued to as well as the number, class and issue date of the license.    view brochure

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Virtual Clerk
harnesses the power of the Internet to connect local government organizations and utilities closer to their constituents and consumers than ever before.  Using the web and a browser, individuals can access data from virtually any place in the world, 7/24/365.  Property values, assessing data, tax bills, payments, account history, and other vital information can now be accessed over secure connections without the need for expensive IT infrastructure.  Virtual Clerk allows today’s government agencies and utilities to service consumers at the highest levels and allows valuable staff resources to focus on other equally important tasks instead of answering repetitive questions.     view brochure
Virtual Clerk:
• Extends your office hours.
• Provides convenient 24/7 access.
• Alleviates citizens’ routine requests for information.
• Reduces paper usage.
• Saves staff time and resources.
• Reduces carbon footprint with reduced office visits.

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With INVISION Cemetery Management you can securely and easily track the details of your cemeteries.  Your cemetery layout with open plots, owned plots and interments, is only a click away when using the INVISION Cemetery Management Software.  Demographic information, type of interment, funeral home, organizations and veteran status can be included.  With 1-stop record management you can store an unlimited number of documents and images for each grave, which you can view and print at the touch of a button.  With INVISION Cemetery, communities can quickly and easily answer questions about interments.  And, you have peace of mind knowing your internment information is reliable and accurate.

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INVISION features available in all INVISION modules:
• Microsoft® .NET Technology
• Flexible & Efficient Software Delivery – Cloud Solutions or In-house
• Point & Click Summary with drill-down to details from a single screen
• Robust Reporting with extensive export capabilities
• Customizible Reports with simple-to-use report writers
• Electronic Reports Archiving for information on demand and at your fingertips when you need it
• Wild Card Searches & Type ahead functionality to quickly find information
• Seamless Interfaces with third-parties for easy sharing of data
• Role Based Security
• Detailed Audit Trails

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INVISION offers a powerful, yet flexible software solution that is suited for a wide range of local government organizations and utilities.  Users can easily customize the setup of their modules to accommodate their specific needs.
Because INVISION is a highly integrated yet modular system you can add different software modules as your needs change or grow.  Payroll, Fund Accounting, Purchase Orders, Human Resource, Motor Vehicle Registration, Tax Billing & Assessing are just a few of the available INVISION modules.  Whether you choose a single module now and add modules later, you have the confidence that the entire system is designed to work together.

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INVISION Fund Accounting supports Encumbrance accounting (purchase orders), budgeting as well as Accounts Payable.  The system keeps a comprehensive audit trail of all account maintenance changes by Date, Time, User, Old Value and New Value.

Built in role based security insures that only authorized staff has access to sensitive and confidential data

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NDS offers a cost-effective and convenient cloud solution as an alternative to housing your own server, NDS software and data. NDS Cloud solutions helps organizations reduce spending on IT staff and offers a more efficient way to optimize technology, usability and uptime. NDS Cloud services are scalable to adjust to your needs, and goals all with predictable costs.
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NDS Integrated Services covers the entire spectrum of your information system, from analyzing your IT needs and designing your infrastructure to installation and conversion services and training. If you need to connect to other systems, NDS networking services can implement innovative connectivity. And of course, NDS stands ready for the entire life of your system with hardware support that can include Managed Services and options for protecting your data as well as software support services that offer support plans, local phone support and customizable training.


Today’s economic environment is more challenging than ever. Managing your business efficiently and providing great customer service are the keys to succeeding. Managed Services allows you to focus on your business goals with peace of mind knowing that your IT is reliable and safe. view brochure


NDS can design, implement and support an integrated office solution for your business. We can also support an existing system infrastructure as well. We’ll make sure that your network resources integrate seamlessly with your software for an IT solution that performs reliably and efficiently. learn more


Covers products & On-site Service (Fix & break)
NDS can design, implement and support an integrated office solution for your business. We can also support an existing system infrastructure as well. We’ll make sure that your network resources integrate seamlessly with your software for an IT solution that performs reliably and efficiently. learn more


NDS offers a cost-effective and convenient cloud solution as an alternative to housing your own server, NDS software and data. NDS Cloud solutions helps organizations reduce spending on IT staff and offers a more efficient way to optimize technology, usability and uptime. NDS Cloud services are scalable to adjust to your needs, and goals all with predictable costs.
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Despite the best intentions and pro-active measures to enhance data security and follow backup procedures, your system is always vulnerable to loss of data. There are many risks to your data including man-made or unintentional acts of God. Whether or not the loss of data has devastating consequences for your system may depend on the effectiveness of your backup and recovery process. learn more


When you decide to implement a Northern Data Systems software installation, we want to make the process as seamless as possible for you, with little to no loss in productivity. This may be a pretty bold claim, but with our 40+ years experience with software systems migration and complete IT management, we can provide this level of service to all of our customers.
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NDS offers a full array of print services from forms, e-forms, design, print & mail rendering services to integrated marketing, billing automation and electronic bill presentment and payment services.
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Help When You Need It
The NDS support team is staffed with seasoned professionals who understand your business, not just the software and hardware. At NDS we invest in these individuals through education, training and onsite customer experience so that they become the best support professionals in the industry. Our Support staff spends significant amounts of time in the field with our customers installing and training on the products that NDS offers so they understand the customer’s point of view when a call for support is placed. learn more


At NDS we firmly believe that customer education is the key to achieving maximum benefit from your information technology solution. NDS offers customers in-depth training programs specifically designed for the products purchased. NDS refines each program in order to meet the specific educational requirements of our clients. NDS also offers ongoing training classes to provide advanced training to existing staff or entry level training to new staff. Whatever the training need, NDS has proven solutions for our customers. learn more


There are times when customers need services and support outside the scope of their normal service agreement for that one-time special situation. Perhaps it’s a one-time report that is quickly needed or training for a new employee. A Professional Service Agreement (PSA) from NDS helps alleviate the unknowns and brings predictability to your yearly IT budgeting process.

Having a Professional Services Agreement is like having your own IT staff without the expense and headache of managing those resources. With a PSA, NDS experts can be called into action to assist your organization with little advance notice. What could be better than that? view brochure

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