Sharetec System, core technology made simple, announces the 2018 Sharetec Users Conference
resulted in its highest success level to date! The conference that took place in San Antonio, TX on
September 17 th -19 th achieved record attendance and increased engagement among participants.

Credit unions and business partners from around the globe were welcomed at the 2018 Sharetec Users
Conference. Attendees were offered specialized workshops and training sessions on the Sharetec Core
Banking System, as well as unique events and speakers. The conference’s hands-on approach served to
heighten participation as attendees engaged with speakers and peers, and took part in lively
demonstrations to learn about Sharetec’s newest features and enhanced functionality.

This year’s conference saw its highest number of business partners in attendance. Shazam, one of those
partners, was extremely pleased with the networking opportunities offered there. Tim Luger with
Shazam notes, “Our positive relationship with Sharetec is why we attend each year. We also enjoy
seeing existing clients and building new relationships with prospective clients.”

Lisa Blades, President of Fortress FCU, comments, “The classes offered at the conference were very
informative and the take-away was extremely helpful. Looking for a new debit card provider, the
vendors we visited gave us the opportunity to meet them in person and find a new provider.” Jackie
Kirchens, Team Leader of Loyola Credit Union, adds, “We have had lots of members looking for person-
to-person account transfers. As our new partner, Sharetec proved that they can not only meet this
need, but address many of our members’ other needs as well. The conference allowed us to meet with
Sharetec reps and discuss opportunities that can potentially lead us to a higher level.” Courtney Bowlin,
Sharetec’s Conference Coordinator, comments, “Providing our clients with a wide array of business
partners, meaningful workshops, guest speakers, and great entertainment proved to be a tremendous
success. The feedback we received from both attendees and business partners has been very positive.
This year’s record attendance numbers and increased engagement from our participants motivate us to
plan an even bigger and better Users Conference for 2019

About Sharetec Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau core solutions, has
delivered an ROI, building income streams and lowering operating expenses to over 250 credit
unions with 67% growth since 2000.