By Joe Reis, NDS/Sharetec Regional Manager –   

Credit unions require timely information to service the needs of their members as well as the management team and Board of Directors.  Balancing reports verify that daily finances are in order, user reports track productivity and mandatory government reporting must be created on regular intervals. Reports for this information are standard within Sharetec and there are literally hundreds available in the Reports workspace.  Additionally, many of these stock reports have parameters that allow for customization and Sharetec credit unions are well served by these reports.

However, to be better informed, credit union management may want to dig deeper to find answers to the questions required to stay ahead of the competition.  This is where Ad-Hoc reporting comes in.

Enter Quick Query and Quick Reporting, two Sharetec tools that can create on-the-fly custom queries and reports.  Once these reports are formatted, they can be saved and run again on demand or be placed in Sharetec’s powerful Scheduler that can be set to run at off peak times.

Quick Query, located in the Tools section of the Reports workspace presents Sharetec information in tables (files) and data elements (fields).  Joins between tables can be facilitated when information is required from more than one table. Users then select the data they want to display and it immediately populates a browse.  Multiple data fields are selected in a spreadsheet fashion and sorts can be done on any column.

The real power from Quick Query follows, where Boolean operators will limit the query to display specific criteria.  For instance, if you called the credit score field you could limit your report to those members with a credit score greater than 725.  A right-click then moves the outcome data directly into Microsoft Excel for further modeling, graphing, or to assist in a direct mail campaign.

Quick Query is but one tool within Sharetec for data retrieval.  Additional options include Sharetec’s Progress Reports and ODBC (Open Database Compliant) tools. These tools are simple to learn and simple to use.  Find the answers you need today by contacting your Sharetec credit union team member at or call 1-800-649-7754.