Digital. It’s what everyone is talking about in the credit union industry. With rate of increase in technology, virtually every service a credit union offers has a digital interface that goes with it. That’s a lot of solutions to sift through and the key for credit unions is to adopt technology that will enhance their greatest asset – their employees.

Adopt technology that automates tedious tasks. Manual data entry is a productivity killer for credit unions. It reduces the effectiveness of employees and detracts from the member experience. It’s also expensive. That’s why Sharetec is designed to automate those tedious and redundant tasks. By automating beginning of day processes like ACH and Share Drafts, or by allowing information from an online application to flow freely into Sharetec’s integrated loan worksheet our platform is designed to enable credit union employees to spend less time keying in information and more time talking with members.

Let’s talk digital channels. Credit union home and mobile apps should augment the services offered at the institution and make it easy for members to open new share accounts, set up transfers, or create reminders that help them better manage their financial lives. These member facing touch points should be clean in design and consistent between desktop and mobile platforms.

Technology should make it easier for you to run your credit union. Shartec’s suite of core processing and online solutions provides credit union managers and employees more time to spend with their members. By providing significant automation and a sleek consistent online experience Sharetec is the right platform to give your members what they deserve.