Maine Family Federal Credit Union in Lewiston, Maine, recently presented Sharetec with a challenge: “Please show us where our members are spending their money.”

Using Quick Query, Sharetec’s simple-to-use ad hoc reporting tool, the Sharetec team started looking at data found in the ACH history table.
Since Quick Query allows two tables to be joined, member information could be readily extracted along with the ACH data. The results
produced by this query contained ACH sponsor information along with member demographics, credit scores and payment amounts.
For instance, by looking for the words “mortgage” or “Toyota”, Quick Query was able to determine who the other parties were and which
specific members were using competitive loan services instead of the credit union’s.

Often times credit union members are unaware that their credit union offers the same type of loans as the alternative car lender or mortgage
company, but at a better rate than the member is currently paying.   (Full article below)